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Creation of wind power stations on the basis of AVG

The use of autonomous wind power generators (AVG) is most appropriate and effective in the composition of wind power plants.

The profitability of wind power plants depends on its geographical location (the presence of high wind energy, distance from settlements, the ability to connect to the general power grid), the number of AVG in its composition, the cost of electricity in the region, etc.

Design of wind power plants includes several stages:

The choice of terrain. In order for the wind power plant to work as efficiently as possible, the most important is the selection of areas with optimal conditions. The WPP should be located at a sufficient distance from populated areas, but it should be possible to connect it to the consumers’ power grid.

Wind speed - the most important indicator when choosing a place for a wind power plant. For the most accurate results, wind speeds are measured in parallel at several points over a period of time. After that, the average value is derived, which allows to determine how this area is suitable for the construction of WPP.

Selection of equipment of wind power plant;

Choosing the optimal connection with the consumers’ power grid.

For efficient operation of a wind power plant, it is necessary to be able to transfer the generated electricity to the consumers’ power grid. Due to the compactness and mobility of such power plants, it is possible to build wind power plants at an optimal distance from country houses, small enterprises, farms, etc.

Specialists of CONCORD TDB are ready to design WPP on the basis of AVG of its own design most adapted to the specific conditions of the customer.