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Design and technological characteristics

CONCORD TDB carries out the design, manufacture, supply, construction, installation and maintenance of hybrid autonomous lighting modules (HALM).

HALM are designed to illuminate roads, sidewalks, open areas, etc. in the absence of traditional power sources nearby (electrical network). The type, design and power of the LED luminaire may vary depending on the conditions of use and the required standards of illumination.

The power supply of the lighting device is carried out from the battery, which is part of the HALM. The battery charge is provided by the solar module and wind generator.

If necessary, electrical appliances can be supplied with 220V voltage.

The composition of HALM includes:

  • stand (support);
  • wind generator;
  • solar module;
  • electrical equipment cabinet;
  • luminaire;
  • cable kit;
  • security alarm system (set optionally);
  • inverter =12/≈220 (set optionally).

The advantages of HALM are:

  • the ability to provide lighting in places where it is difficult or expensive to providee the supply of electricity from the public network;
  • the parallel use of the wind generator and the solar module evens out the schedule of power generation, due to the fact that solar generation prevails in the summer, and the wind generation prevails in the winter;
  • both sources of electricity generation are renewable and environmentally friendly (use only solar and wind energy).

Design versions of HALM:

  • HALM-160 with a wind generator with a horizontal axis of rotation of the rotor.
  • HALM-0.3 with a wind generator with a vertical axis of rotation of the rotor.

Main technical characteristics of HALM-160 and HALM-0.3

Parameter Value
Model HALM-160 HALM-0.3
Wind generator, type AVG-0.3 AVG-0.3V
Solar panel, type polycrystalline
Solar module power (peak), W 500 (2х250)
DC circuit voltage, V 12
AC circuit voltage (optional), V 220
Power consumption, not more, W 300
Battery capacity, A*h 160
Luminaire, type LED
Luminaire power, configuration options, W 60/30/20
Luminaire light stream, Lp 7000/2800/1700
The height of the luminaire above the ground surface, m 7,37
6,6 on the reinforced concrete stand, 
6,8 on metal stand
Activation / deactivation of the luminaire automatically, depending on the illumination of the solar module
Inverter output voltage form pure sine wave
Estimated battery life at the power of consumption of electricity, hours:
200 W 7
100 W 14
60 W 22
30 W 44
20 W 66
Stand CB105-5 / metal CK135-5 / metal
Stand height above the ground surface, m 8,5 on the reinforced concrete stand, 
9,92 on metal stand
11,0 on the reinforced concrete stand, 
9,92 on metal stand
Maximum height above the ground, m 10,96 on the reinforced concrete stand, 
12,36 on metal stand
12,4 on the reinforced concrete stand, 
11,2 on metal stand
Security alarm system Triggering: in case of unauthorized climbing on a stand, in the presence of a lifting device and during mechanical impact on equipment. 
Alert: turning on the siren, flashlight and sending an alarm signal to the security post.


Note: Data on wind speed are given for the height of the rotor axis.