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Design and technological characteristics

CONCORD TDB carries out the design, manufacture, supply, construction, installation and maintenance of wind power generators with a capacity of 0.3 kW and autonomous power supply complexes on their basis.

The AVG-0.3 and AVG-0.3V wind generators are designed to convert the energy of the wind flow into electrical energy of alternating current. Their work on an autonomous consumer is possible both independently and in combination with diesel generators, batteries, solar panels and other sources of electricity.

Potential consumers of wind turbines of such capacity - residents of country houses, owners of small enterprises, farms, utilities, etc.

AVG-0.3 and AVG-0.3V wind generators are equipped with a microprocessor control system, safety systems and emergency brake. The regulation and maintenance of the rotor speed is carried out by connecting the ballast load.

If necessary, electrical appliances can be supplied with 220V voltage.


The composition of wind generators includes:

  • support;
  • wind turbine;
  • electrical equipment cabinet;
  • cable kit; inverter =12/≈220 (set optionally).

AVG-0.3 and AVG-0.3V main technical characteristics:

Parameter Value
Model: AVG-0.3 AVG-0.3V
Rotor type with horizontal axis of rotation with vertical axis of rotation
Number of blades 3
Blade shape straight straight / helicoid
Nominal power, W 300
Maximum generator power, W 440 550
Nominal voltage, V 24
Nominal wind speed, m/s 9
Starting wind speed, m/s 3
Maximum operating wind speed, m/s 25
Nominal rotor speed, rpm 600 350
Wind orientation system tail stabilizer not required
Voltage at the controller output, V 12
Capacity of the connected load, not more, W 300
Battery capacity, A*h 160
Estimated battery life at the power of consumption of electricity, hours:
300 W 4
200 W 7
100 W 14
60 W 22
30 W 40
20 W 70
stand CB105-5 / steel tubular
stand CK135-5 / steel tubular
Support height above the ground surface, m
8,5 on the reinforced concrete stand, 
9,92 on metal stand
11.0 on the reinforced concrete stand, 
9,92 on metal stand
Maximum height above the ground, m
10,96 on the reinforced concrete stand, 
12,36 on metal stand
12,4 on the reinforced concrete stand, 
11,2 on metal stand
Inverter output voltage form pure sine wave


Note: Data on wind speed are given for the height of the rotor axis.