CONCORD Technical Design Bureau Limited Liability Company was founded in November 2002 for the implementation of investment projects in the field of wind energy and autonomous power supply.

In accordance with the license for the right to work, the company performs all types of project and design works on energy facilities and complexes with unconventional energy sources.

At present, the CONCORD TDB is a complex that includes:

Technical Design Bureau - performs all types of project design works at a high technological level using computer modeling.

Experimental production - provides the manufacture of metal structures of varying complexity and structures made of composite materials using the most modern technologies, assembling, testing and balancing wind turbine units, nodal installation and maintenance.

Testing site for carrying out work on testing and full-scale development of designs of individual elements and prototypes of wind power plants.

The staff members of the CONCORD TDB are highly qualified specialists with many years of experience in the development, testing and operation of wind turbines. The company has developed and introduced modern methods of calculating the aerodynamics, strength and durability of wind power plants, automated project calculation and design works.

Many years of practical experience, scientific and technical, and production potential of the Concord TDB allows to carry out the whole complex of works on designing, financing, manufacturing, testing, building and operating:

The experience and competence of CONCORD TDB specialists allow realizing the most courageous technical solutions, starting with the manufacture and testing of wind turbine elements and ending with the installation and commissioning of ready-made installations at their permanent operation site.


Brochure "CONCORD Technical Design Bureau LLC - Autonomous Wind Power Generator"
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